Aggressive Dog? Rune Moens Hundesenter

I imported Epson, our 2 year old Boston Terrier, from the United States this December. Epson is mostly just a big hunk of fluff. He is happy and social, and he loves to learn. When Epson turned a year and a half, we started seeing issues with aggression towards other male dogs. He then started showing aggression towards certain people. This surprised us, because his aggression was unprovoked, and very unpredictable. The first time I watched him show aggression towards a child, I realized he had developed a bad habit, but I had no idea what had triggered it.  




This past weekend, we took Epson to Rune Moen's Dog Center at Nesodden in Norway. We did what is called an MH test on him, to evaluate his mental state and observe his behavior. The test is very revealing if a dog is nervous, tempramental, or aggressive. Epson did great on all of the tests. He got high scores in his catergories, and he tested negative for aggression. However when they took him to interact with the other dogs, he responded differently. 

Meeting the other dogs, triggered Epson. He tried to bite the dog trainer, in order to try to attack the other dogs. The good news is, they quickly corrected him and put him in his place, and Epson had a great time. After a few rounds, he got along much better, and he seemed to enjoy the other dogs. It was amazing to watch them work with him, and to see their ability to read his body language and to correct him, prior to an attack. I learned SO much about how to read my own dog, and how to help him.

To follow up, we are going to have a few home visits. The first visit helped us feel confident that our dog is not dangerous, which is a relief, and we have gotten an objective evaluation on what we are doing right and what we could be doing better. Watching Epson with the trainer, was great, he had a blast! The tests were SO much fun for him. Watching Epson in a different environment with people who understand him, made me see how well mannered he can be! The whole experience has left all of us feeling very encouraged:) 



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