Missing home

One of my friends took this picture last night in NY, and i just thought it was so ironic. While home is Norway, my heart is in the US, and right now I would give pretty much anything to be back across the pond. The visa rules are frustrating, they make it very difficult for us to travel freely between the US and Norway, and so we constantly have to wait for new authorization. My friend posted under her picture "never forget where you came from", and tonight  I needed that friendly reminder, of the importance of being grateful, for the time that we have been given here in Norway to visit friends and family, and to experience the Norwegian winter.


Home is where the heart is


The human heart has a tendency to want, what it does not have, and when we get what we desire, we often miss what we had before. Being content is an artform. I find that so often we look forwards to a point that lays ahead of us in life, that we forget that life is what is happening while we wait. I know that the time we have here in Norway will never come back. The the greatest joy and the greatest contentment, can be found in the most difficult of situations. We do not need to get what we want to be happy, sometimes, we simply need to practice wanting what we have, and remind ourselves to be grateful.


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36, Kristiansand

Jeg har tatt en mastergrad i USA i psykologi, og er utdannet rådgiver. Jeg studerer nå for tiden medisin i USA, og skal spesialisere meg innen psykiatri.