Disney World Florida eller California?

I just had to post these pictures for all you people out there who are dreaming about going to High School in America, or visiting Disney World. I cannot tell you guys how much fun it is, to spend a school year abroad. I first went to Disney, when we headed out for the National Cheerleading Championships. We stayed at the Walt Disney World Resort, and had 5 days to enjoy the pools and the theme parks. We went to Epcot and Universal Studios, as well as Sea World. Since then, I have visited Florida many times, and while I do love going to Disney, it is the town of St. Augustine, that keeps drawing me to the sunshine state. More on that will follow.

Disney World in Florida, is very different from Disneyland in California, and Euro Disney in Paris, the Florida park is by far the largest and the most fun. Disneyland however, is the original park, and the only park ever built that was designed and supervised under Walt Disney himself. You can feel that spirit when you visit Dinsleyland in Anaheim. It is less designed around the rides, and the stores, and more designed around the characters and the magic that was created by Walt Disney himself. The Anaheim park has a totally different feel to it, than the park in Flordia. That being said, neither park is great in terms of rides, it is mostly built for little kids. If you want to go on big coasters and have fun with older kids, nothing ever beats Universal Studios. The past few years, they have had Harry Potter World, where you can walk down Diagon Alley, and buy Butter Beer! That has been a number one on my list so far, and the special effects are amazing.


DisneyWorld Florida, Good Friends


DisneyWorld Flordia


Magic Kingdom






Disneyworld Floria




Lady and the Tramp






Dinsney Entrance


Magic Kingdom



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Jeg har tatt en mastergrad i USA i psykologi, og er utdannet rådgiver. Jeg studerer nå for tiden medisin i USA, og skal spesialisere meg innen psykiatri.