Løpetur i Blue Ridge Mountains

Sometimes Starbucks and your best friends is just what you need. We spent the weekend in the Blue Ridge Moutains in Georgia, which is one of my favorite places to visit in the South. I will write a separate entry about that, but it is just so serene and beautiful. We ran an 8 mile trail, which is about 1 norwegian mile, and then had dinner at a local restaurant. We finished off the day in the hottub, drinking starbucks. It has just been such a relaxing weekend, seeing friends and being outdoors. Have to hit the books hard tomorrow to prep for the MCAT exam, but when we are up in the mountains, I always wish that the nights would last forever. There is nothing more beautiful than gazing up at the starry sky.


Blueberry Waffles



Starbucks with your best friends

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36, Kristiansand

Jeg har tatt en mastergrad i USA i psykologi, og er utdannet rådgiver. Jeg studerer nå for tiden medisin i USA, og skal spesialisere meg innen psykiatri.