Tea Time Tradition

The best part about being an exchange student, is hands down, the people you meet and the friends that you make. Times shared around a table like this, just being with people that you love, sharing your day. We have a tea time tradition at our house. Before being excused from the table, each person has to say atleast one thing that they are thankful for. The children have come to love this practice, and if any of the adults forget, we are always reminded, that we have to say our good thing.

I have been thankful for living in a home where being grateful and giving thanks, is considered important. It is a good practice to name one thing everyday, that you appreciate about your life. People often go about their days, busy and complaining about everything that is wrong, but they never take a moment to breathe, and just consider, what they have to be really grateful for.  We tend to take all the small things in life for granted which is funny, because it is often the small things, that matter the most.

                                Tea Time




       I have been very grateful for this crazy bunch!

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36, Kristiansand

Jeg har tatt en mastergrad i USA i psykologi, og er utdannet rådgiver. Jeg studerer nå for tiden medisin i USA, og skal spesialisere meg innen psykiatri.