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The United States has some of the best amusement parks in the world, and several of them are located in the South. Six flags over Georgia is really close to our house, and so we visit that park often, but Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valenica, California is way better. Between North and South Carolina, is Carowinds, a park you do not want to miss!!


Carowinds here we come

Carowinds turns into Scarowinds during Halloween. The whole park gets lit up with creepy lights, and they change their attractions into haunted houses and scary rides. The park stays open until way after dark, and it is fun for adults and kids alike. Most importantly, Carowinds is home to Fury 325, the fastest giga coaster in the world.


Fury 325


This past summer, we tried out the new ride, that actually stands 325 feet over the ground. The ride was amazing. It does not have the best loops or the wildest moves, but it has an enormous drop, and the ride is over 3 minutes long, which creates a stunning experience at night. When the ride is all lit up, you cannot see when it hits the top, or when it is going to drop. Falling 325 feet in the dark, is definitely an experience. It should also be mentioned that Carowinds has a waterpark, Hurricane Harbour, that is a must in the SC heat.

While we were standing in line for one of the rides, we managed to capture this lovely picture of a group of girls that were obviously out for a good time. If you ever wonder if you are in America, moments like this will clear that up for you. We spent our day going back and forth between the waterpark, Splash Mountain, and the actual coaster park. In the summertime, temperatures can reach over 35 C in SC, so it gets incredibly hot to stand in line for the rides. Tickets to the waterpark is a must. Cool off on all the slides and in the pools, and then return to the park after dark when they light up all the rides!


The Joker Ride


Fun day at the park


The end of a long day at Carowinds



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